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Assess your readiness of market entry by pre-market study


China GTM

20 Years+ Business experiences in China

We are early entrepreneurs and business executives from multi-national corporations with rich experiences for new product launching in China.  We are No matter you want to enter China via cross-border import, or launch your new products in China, we are your local business partner to help find your dealer, plan GTM strategies and follow through to implementation. 

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We help brands enter China via cross-border import

We work with Tmall Partner to recruit new overseas brands to enter China through Tmall Global.

We successfully facilitate the launch of Polish skincare brand via cross-border import.  We act as local business partner to initiate GTM strategies, product launching plan and the brand management in China. 

We conduct pre-market entry studies to help you understand China

A beauty brand from the US considers to entering China and we help the founder to evaluate business opportunities, identify distributors and collaborate with local resources.


We conduct pre-market entry study, evaluate product/market fit, and formulate a comprehensive three year business plan for China.

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GTM Planning
Go-To-Market Strategic Planning

We use a data-driven approach, from consumer and competitive perspectives, to mine data from the consumer’s journey, looking for any clues that can support your strategy with data.  We help you quickly understand the unfamiliar market, developing an effective entry strategy (GTM) that can answer the following three key questions: