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Incubate new brand in China from zero to one



10 Years+ entrepreneurial experiences 
We are a group of brand consultants and entrepreneurs with over 20 years of executive business experience in Fortune 500 MNCs, Chinese Top 500 enterprises and digital marketing companies.  We start to help companies & startup founders to incubate new brands from zero to one and accelerate growth of new business since 2012.

Started from a simple idea to make good products that we love and we will use by ourselves. 


We develop the brand and product concept from zero, step by step, working together with University R&D for innovative clean ingredients and designers to beautify the products, packaging and accessories. 

We launched  Tmall flagship store in 2021. The new brand is well recognized by Unilever China and becomes golden member of Uni-Excubator.  

SMQ NK Portfolio.png
Ortu Portfolio NEW -S.png

The founder can't find similar health supplement products that she love in US so she wants to incubate her own brand.


We start with pre-market entry study to evaluate feasibilities, then working with OEM factories to develop new product ingredients. We also formulate a business plan and 3-year forecast to calculate initial investment required.

The new health brand and its first lineup of beauty supplement is launched in 2021.

We InCUBate Brands from zero to One
We work together with the founder & CEO to incubate and accelerate new brands, providing integrated services to transform idea to actual brand launch. We will only make practical proposals and suggest effective local resources to realize the development of new products and the successful launch of online store and other sales channels in China.
Business Meeting

Transform Idea to Business Plan

We have been working in multinational corporations and started up many new brands in rent 10 years.  We can help you to transform your idea to a practical business model, preparing for the start of your new venture.

  • Business plan

  • Pre-market entry study

  • Brand strategies

  • Product development plan

  • Product pricing structure

  • Channel strategies

  • Launching plan

  • 3-year P&L

  • Initial capital investment

  • Team structure 


New Brand Development

We have partnership with Peking University R&D to invent new cosmetics ingredients and OEM/ODM factories to develop new health supplement and skincare products.  

  • Brand story & brand strategies

  • Brand logo VI design

  • Product & package design

  • Trademark registration

  • Product assortment plan

  • Product sales forecast

  • OEM/ODM factory sourcing & review

  • Contract terms review

  • Product registration

  • Product photography 



Business Meeting


Accelerate Sales & Growth

We have been working in multinational corporations and started up many new brands in rent 10 years.  We can help you to transform your idea to a practical business model, preparing for the start of your new venture.

  • Tmall flagship store registration

  • Tmall store daily management

  • Social media daily management

  • Tmall sales promotion 

  • KOL livestream campaign

  • Brand collaboration

  • New channel development

  • Investment & funding

  • Team management

  • Monitoring, reporting & review

Our Showcase


Incubate a new cosmetic brand with environmental friendly, colorful and DIY concept


Health Supplement

Incubate new health supplement brand in China with natural ingredients and zero additives

NK accessories.png


Work with artists and product designers to create a variety of accessories for cosmetics

Scent Oils


Develop a unique scent of "Fragrance of Shanghai" and apply to different products 

Standard GTM Services
As a new brand to the Chinese market, you don't have historical or local data to analyze your product demand and market competitiveness.  We can find out useful data from social media and e-commerce platforms, which help you evaluate your China go-to-market strategies.
  • Competitive Review

    Understand your competitors and their local sales in China
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • Brand presence of one competitor on 6 online sales platforms
    • Product assortment of one competitor on its Tmall store
    • Price structure of one competitor on its Tmall store
    • Recent sales report of one competitor on its Tmall store
    • Payment conversion rate and average transaction prices
    • Top 10 SKU recent sales in your product category on Tmall
  • Social Media Review

    Understand your brand awareness and social presence in China
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Your brand presence on 6 major social platforms in China
    • Social account summary of one competitor in China
    • List of your products mentioned on 6 major social medias
    • Users’ demographics of your brand in search index
    • Celebrities or key influencers used by one competitor
    • Key marketing activities of one competitor
  • Pre-Market Study

    Understand your consumers & competitors before market entry
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • Your trademark check in China
    • Market size and category trend
    • Competitive review report of one major competitor
    • Social media review report of one major competitor
    • Consumer demographics
    • Price positioning chart of one major competitor
    • Marketing activities of one major competitor
    • Bonus: Tmall Global Complete Guide (value of $399)
If you want to have a more comprehensive GTM strategic planning or even a 3-year business plan, please contact our consultant for further discussion.  


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