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Health supplement 
new brand incubation

The founder can't find similar health supplement products in China so she wants to incubate her own brand by benchmarking overseas product concept. We start with pre-market entry study to evaluate feasibilities, then working with OEM factories to develop new product ingredients. We also formulate a business plan and 3-year forecast to calculate initial investment required. 


The new health brand and its first lineup of beauty supplement is launched in 2021.

New Brand Incubation 

Started from a simple idea to make good products that we love and we will use by ourselves.  We develop the brand and product concept from zero, step by step, working together with University R&D for innovative clean ingredients and designers to beautify the products, packaging and accessories. We also work with artists & illustrators to develop special editions by cross-over concepts. 

Finally, we launched the brand and its Tmall flagship store in 2021. The new brand is well recognized by Unilever China and becomes golden member of Uni-Excubator.  

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Lirene Portfolio-s.png
Polish Skincare Brand
Cross-Border Import

We work with Tmall Partner to recruit new overseas brands to enter China through cross-border import. We conduct a pre-market entry study and competitive analysis to identify popular categories and potential brands in Europe. 


We formulate GTM proposals to negotiate with brand owner and finally obtain exclusive distribution in China. The Tmall Global flagship store was opened in 2021.  

Fragrance Brand
​Product Development 

A traditional Chinese publication wants to start up its online store to sell merchandises. Started with pre-market study of similar stores on Tmall and JD and consumer analysis, we devise a product development plan.


"Fragrance of Shanghai" theme is developed with a series of the scents are applied on different products and gifts.  The brand is re-positioned as young and fashionable to promote modern Chinese culture. We cross-over illustrations with different Chinese fragrance, such as magnolia, ink, bamboo, Chinese tea,  etc. 

Fragrance Portfolio-s.png
NK Accessories Portfolio-s.png
Cosmetic Accessories
Product Development

We work with artists and product designers to develop accessories for cosmetics. Started with pre-market study of accessory trend and competitive analysis on Tmall, we formulate a product concept, positioning chart, product assortment plan, and sales forecast.


We also work with OEM factories to explore the feasibilities of our product concept and package design.  The products finally starts to sell in 2021.

NK Accessory
La Luer
GTM strategies

Beauty device has growing drastically in recent years in China with 19% CAGR.  A beauty brand from the USA considers to enter China and we help the founder to evaluate business opportunities, identify distributors and collaborate with local resources.


We conduct pre-market entry study to evaluate product/market fit, and formulate a comprehensive three year business plan for China. We also identify potential exclusive dealer in China and evaluate trade terms with the brand owner, preparing for cosmetic registration and import to China.

La Luer Portfolio-s.png
Forbidden City Cosmetic BP

After great success of lipstick launch, Forbidden City cosmetic brand wants to expand its product line to other cosmetics targeting high-end market.  We help the brand develop three-year business plan, including: market analysis, product lineup planning, pricing strategies, P&L, team structure and brand launch plan. 

Forbidden City
GTM Strategies

HT, a Chinese jewelry brand with majority of elder customers, urgently needs new branding strategies to re-position its image to attract  young generation in order to prepare for its IPO.


We redesign its brand visual identity with a new logo and tagline as well as applications in products and chain stores. We formulate its brand strategies and devise a full integrated 4P marketing plan, including product lineup development, pricing strategies, celebrity endorsement, channel expansion, and go-to-market campaigns.

NK Red-s.png
INFLUENCER Livestream for New Brand Launch

To launch a new brand, we plan social media strategies and content  plan with different themes matching products and hot topics. We also manage social media accounts, create contents, and work with influencers to generate WOM.  


We identify, match and invite over hundreds of cosmetic KOL and KOC to try the products and post their videos & articles on Little Red Book and Tik Tok for seeding, as well as KOL livestreams to sell the products.

GTM campaign

CIC is newly developed 5A commercial building with 66 floors together with Indigo Hotel in Chongqiong. To kick off its official launch, we develop annual marketing campaigns and new promotion theme of zero distance world fashion.  After a grand opening ceremony, we kick off a series of customer and seasonal activities matching with world fashion and arts trends.   


Single's Day is the most important sales season in China.  Tik tok is an effective channel to drive sales through influencers' short video and livestreams.


We help FanBeauty invite 500+ Influencers from top tier to long tail to promote new facial masks by Douyin (Tik Tok)  short videos and livestreams during Double 11 period. The campaign generates 50 million impressions and over 1 million engagements.

Dr Morita

Brands opening flagship stores in traditional e-commerce platforms like Tmall and JD are facing fierce competitions and increasing costs.  Douyin is a better alternative not only to generate WOMs but also to drive sales through influencers.


We provide retainer marketing services to Dr. Morita by producing brand videos and using influencers to promote new products.

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P Letz-Portfolio.png
New Brand Incubation

We partner with a B2B coffee factory to incubate a new consumer coffee brand targeting young consumer markets of China, Korea and Singapore.  We transform the idea to a new business model, utilizing 2B resources to monetize new 2C business. 


We conduct pre-market study to identify targeting, positioning and segmentation, formulating a business plan and sales forecast for different markets. We design the brand logo CI, product and packaging. We also  develop products from prototype to mass production.  

Brand Strategies

The Spanish sparkling wine brand, market leader of Tmall online supermarket, is now facing difficulties in sales growth due to increasing competition from local players.  We conduct desktop research to define its potential target customers by digging its consumer comments on Tmall, engagements on social medias, and search trends.  It helps the brand to rethink the brand positioning and its future product development based on new customer profile, preparing for new product launch.

P Wine.png
GQ x Harrods

We develop a creative proposal for a UK shopping mall with the aim to attract Chinese business executives and invite fashion influencers to visit its mall in London.  Creative proposal includes customized supplement issue, London trip with the top Chinese celebrities, short videos and online articles to promote the mall, etc.

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