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Tmall Global Complete Guide 2020: Getting Started with Chinese Cross-border eCommerce

As a foreign brand, it was extremely expensive to enter China market in the past. You had to register a local company, open a local bank account and ship your products to a local warehouse.

For startups and small businesses, it was far too costly to expand business in China. The emerge of cross-border e-commerce has changed everything.

After Tmall Global launched in 2014, it becomes easier for foreign brands to sell directly to Chinese consumers in this largest and most visited e-commerce platform in China.

You don’t need to set up a local company, nor ship to local Chinese warehouse. You can also get paid in US dollars or your local currencies directly in the bank account of your home country.

In 2018, the first grand opening of China International Import Expo, China government stated that it will be more than US$30 trillion worth of goods and US$10 trillion worth of services imported from oversea in the next 5 years.

Also, the decrease of regulation cost across import taxes, registration, custom clearance, storage, etc. is another drive from China government to boost the CBEC business in China. Tmall Global and other CBEC platforms are boosting in recent years.

Those CBEC platforms help international brands sell products under the Cross-border Trade policy which can be free from large time and cost consuming to overcome legal regulation barriers. It is a suitable channel for companies to test the brands in the China market and it also offers different business solutions for merchants entering the market with minimum investment.

Tmall Global Guide 2020 is designed to help international brands understand the intricacies of launching and scaling an online store on Tmall Global. In this guide, you will learn everything you must know about the difference between Tmall and Tmall Global, Alipay payments, order fulfillment, and both fixed and flexible costs.

The guide also covers information about set-up requirements, user base analysis, category breakdown, and crucial tips on how to drive sales. You can walk away with a basic understanding of how to get started selling on the platform.