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What if… you wanna quickly understand Chinese cosmetic market

<China Cosmetic Report 2021> Top Trends of Chinese Cosmetics Market You Should Know

I spent quite a long time working in marketing of consumer electronic products and beverages in the past. When I first stepped into consulting business, I had no choice but needed to deal with people from many different unfamiliar industries.

With almost zero knowledge of an unfamiliar market, how could I provide professional recommendations to my clients?

I read many books and attended seminars to study research methods to solve my problem. After several years of working in consulting, I’ve gradually developed methods to help myself quickly understand an unfamiliar market, especially through secondary research.

In recent years, we decided to enter cosmetic market and started to approach potential overseas brands. I prepared lots of market studies and made presentations about Chinese cosmetic market to overseas brand owners and eventually, we won our first brand dealership.

I compiled all the materials into a 82-page report and over 60 charts, with most updated information in August 2021.

This report is designed to help overseas brand owners, entrepreneurs and marketers quickly understand the dynamic Chinese market competition in the makeup and skincare categories, providing data and market insight to help them evaluate go-to-market strategies by benchmarking with competitors in Tmall, the biggest and most influential e-commerce platform in China.

This report comprises Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1, 49-page report with 38 charts (August 2021 Edition), provides comprehensive information about cosmetic market updates, cosmetic consumer profile and behaviors, and the latest trends of cosmetic market.

Part 2, 47-page report with 23 charts (August 2021 Edition), focuses on cosmetic battlefield in China which includes market competition between domestic and overseas brands, competition in the product functions and ingredients and cosmetic sales report on Tmall/Taobao.

Content of the Report - Part 1

Cosmetic Market Overview

  • Cosmetic market retail sales trend, 2013-2020

  • 2021 market size & per capita consumption by countries

  • Cosmetic market sales by month, 2020

  • Penetration rate of online cosmetic sales in China, 2014-2020

  • Cosmetic market size and growth rate by categories