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Year of Supplement: Latest Trends on 2021 Chinese Beauty Supplement Market

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

This year is a year for health supplements as the global continues to fight against an ongoing battle with COVID-19 pandemic.

The beauty supplement is the fast-growing segment in the health and wellness category, according to information of Tmall. Most customers on Tmall are females, who are already shopping online for cosmetic and fashion products, extending their purchases into beauty supplements.

China’s beauty supplement market promises untapped growth potential for international and domestic brands. Between 2017 and 2019, consumers purchasing beauty supplements have doubled and the market size is estimated to be 23.8 billion RMB in 2022.

2021 China Beauty Supplement Report, July Edition

The July edition of the 2021 China Beauty Supplement Report provides perspectives on the trends that are defining the healthcare and beauty supplement markets in China. This report provides consumer and retail companies with the insights necessary to thrive in this challenging environment.

It also covers the latest monthly sales report and key performance index for the most popular ingredients - oral collagen & hyaluronic acid on Tmall/Taobao platform, Jan-Jun 2021.

Trends of Chinese Beauty Supplement Market

The beauty supplement is growing faster than other beauty related categories, such as beauty devices, cosmetics, skincare and apparel. It is also the top 3 market size in the healthcare market, bigger than immunity, bone health and heart health. In the following, we highlight the below major trends of the beauty supplement from the report:

1) Whitening and anti-aging functions were most popular

Whitening and anti-aging functions were most popular, as these were also the most searched keywords on Tmall, followed by hydration which was also important in preventing wrinkles and lines. Another upcoming trend was supplements to prevent hair loss. Consumers are looking for products to prevent or reduce hair loss, or boost hair growth as the keywords of hair care have risen in popularity.

2) Post-95s start to worry about middle-aged anxiety

Of all its age groups, China’s post-95s generation has the highest level of health anxiety according to a national health survey. Over 50 percent of beauty supplement consumers on Tmall Global are under 25, with the main objective being preventing early aging rather than fixing health problems.

3) Hyaluronic acid supplements is booming in China