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The social media whitepaper focuses on the following key areas that characterize the current social media landscape in China. They are:


  • The domination of Omni-media in China: the increasing functionality of social media platforms in China and what it means for brands.
  • Mind the generational gap: what are the social media platform preferences for Gen X, Y&Z?
  • Influencers: how they use multiple owned channels to reach different audiences.
  • Social GRP: new standards in measurement for content.


This report will shed light on the complexities–and opportunities of the social media landscape in China, helping marketers to develop more impactful social media marketing strategies


Table of Content:

  • The Domination of Omni-media in China
  • Omni-media, Made in China
  • Mind the generational gap - how Generations X, Y & Z use social media
  • Owned media channels of Chinese influencers - varied approach for different audiences
  • Social GRP - helping brands evaluate the performance of social media marketing campaigns
  • Introducing the Quanceng 
  • Definition of Social GRP
  • Examples of marketing activities


Edition: 2019

English 31 pages

Chinese 31 pages



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China Social Media Landscape Report

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