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China Cosmetic Report - Part 1: Market Analysis & Latest Trends


The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 shook up the consumer products and retail sector. In particular, the cosmetic industry experienced a drastic sales decline as a result of home quarantine measures and consumers' dependence on offline retail channels. 


As the pandemic began to subside in China, the offline consumer market witnessed an accelerated business recovery and improved consumer confidence, which, along with the maturing of online retail channels, allowed the market to pick up quickly. With emerging online business models that utilize social media and live-streaming to drive sales, and the post-pandemic forays of niche overseas and local brands, the cosmetic market in China is showing clear trends of diverse development. 


To understand the Chinese cosmetic market, traditional research is expensive and takes long time to conduct.  This report is designed to provide comprehensive information that helps overseas brands and entrepreneurs quickly understand the dynamic Chinese market in specific makeup and skincare industries, including market competition, consumer insights, product demand, pricing and channel sales, etc.  


This report comprises Part 1 and Part 2.  


Part 1, a 49-page report with 38 charts, provides comprehensive information about cosmetic market updates, cosmetic consumer profile and behaviors, and the latest trends of cosmetic market.


Part 2, a 47-page report with 23 charts, focuses on cosmetic battlefield in China which includes market competition between domestic and overseas brands, competition in the product functions and ingredients and cosmetic sales report on Tmall/Taobao.


Content of the Report-Part 1


Cosmetic Market Overview

  • Cosmetic market retail sales trend, 2013-2020
  • 2021 market size & per capita consumption by countries
  • Cosmetic market sales by month, 2020
  • Penetration rate of online cosmetic sales in China, 2014-2020
  • Cosmetic market size and growth rate by categories
  • Makeup vs skincare market share and growth
  • Premium vs mass market
  • Make-up market size and growth by categories
  • Skincare market size and growth by categories
  • Cosmetic online vs offline market share
  • Cosmetic online and offline purchase channels


Understanding Cosmetic Consumer in China

  • Cosmetic consumer demographic Profile in China
  • Usage frequency & purchase considerations
  • Monthly average consumption for cosmetics, 2021
  • Reasons to buy cosmetics/skincare products
  • Scores ranking for overseas vs domestic brands, 2021
  • Most frequently used cosmetic products, 2021


Trends of Cosmetic Market

  • Tmall makeup monthly GMV, 2017-2020
  • Tmall makeup monthly GMV by product types, 2017-2020
  • Chinese makeup market size, 2014-2024
  • Per capita consumption by countries
  • Online makeup consumption structure, 2017-2020
  • GMV share for Local brand vs overseas brands on Tmall
  • Consumer portrait of emerging local makeup brands
  • Sales contribution of overseas brands on Tmall
  • Consumer portrait of overseas niche makeup brands
  • Multi-Brand cosmetic retailers in China



  • Chinese makeup market chronicle 2019-2020
  • Top Cosmetics Fairs in China
  • Imports volume and growth rate for cosmetic products
  • China imports & trade regulations
  • China import tariff rate


For Part 2 of the report, please download HERE


Version: English

49 Pages+38 Charts

Edition: 2021

China Cosmetic Report - Market Analysis & Latest Trend

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