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What are the impacts of New Retail in the Customer Relationship Management? 


China’s retail landscape is in a period of transformation. On the one hand, it’s getting bigger. This year, China is expected to post up retail sales of $5.6 trillion and overtake the US to become the world’s largest retail market. On the other hand, it’s getting more interesting. China’s mobile-led, online and offline integrated retail landscape is changing the way retailers both big and small think about supply chains, shopfronts and marketing.


This deck introduces three key New Retail changes, and then explains how they impact customer relationship management and customer retention. 


Table of Content:

  • New loyalty in new retail
  • Traditional loyalty programs vs New loyalty programs
  • New loyalty risks and rewards - how a reward program creates value
  • Shifting center of gravity
  • Retail gets personal 
  • New competition accelerates differentiation and new value creation
  • Product personalization
  • Purchase journeys for high and low involvement product categories
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Overcoming physical retail data gap
  • Store technologies: turning heat on store mapping, facial recognition
  • Unified online/offline customer view
  • New retail readiness
  • Rethinking affiliate marketing


Edition: 2019

No of pages: 55



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Adapting Customer Relationship Management to New Retail (55 pages, English)

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