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Customer expectations are constantly changing. More so than ever customers compare their customer experiences (CX) to the best experience that they have ever had. To stay competitive, an increasing number of organizations have recognized the importance of putting customers first and are enhancing their CX strategy. But, what does CX excellence actually mean in practice and how do CX leaders achieve success, especially in mainland China and Hong Kong?


The report focuses on mainland China and Hong Kong customers to find out what they value most when interacting with brands, and understand what other factors are important for organizations to successfully deliver a market-leading customer experience.


Looking ahead, the Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative will be the next force of change for customers in China.  This report will provide you a more comprehensive view of what successful customer experience looks like, and how brands in mainland China and Hong Kong can benefit.


Table of Content:

  • The Six Pillars of customer experience excellence
  • Mainland China sector review
    • Financial services
    • Non-grocery retail
    • Logistics
    • Restaurants and fast food
    • Travel and hotels
  • Hong Kong sector review
    • Financial services
    • Retail and logistics
    • Restaurants and fast food
    • Travel and hotels
  • Customer experience excellence checklist
  • Mainland China CEE top 50 results


Version: English

Edition: 2018

No of pages: 48



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Building a Trusted and Connected Customer Experience (48 pages, English)

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