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The report examines cross-border consumption covered four scenarios including cross-border e-Commerce, tourism, education, and real estate.


The results are distilled from a sea of information gathered from 300 surveys with consumers in Chinese cities of first to fourth tire, and in-depth interviews with 21 consumers of various segments.


The report also portrays in vivid seven typical cross-border consumers groups in China, namely Small-Town Moms with significant leisure time living in 3rd and 4th-tier cities; Single ladies with an above-average salary in 1st and 2nd tier cities; Millionaires keen on oversea investing and their wives; Gaming boy obsessed with digital gadgets; World adventurer and Middle-aged fun dads.



  • China Cross-Border Purchase Definition
  • Research Background
  • China Cross-Border Consumer Overview
    • Cross-border E-commerce
    • Cross-border Tourism
    • Cross-border Education
    • Cross-border Real-estate
  • China Cross-Border Consumer Insights
  • China Cross-Border Consumer Profile: 7 Different Consumer Segmentation
  • Trend and Outlook
  • Key Findings and Recommendation


Version: English

Edition: 2021

Pages: 52



China Cross Border Consumer Report

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