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Beauty Device China Go-to-Market Strategic Report 

Comprehensive pre-market studies and social listening for beauty device market

Local competition from Ya-men and Dr Arrival

40 Pages+28 Charts


If you need to enter an unfamiliar market, is there a way to quickly understand and help you develop a market entry strategy that actually works?


In the  report, we use a case study of US beauty device entering the Chinese market to explain how to deploy low-cost desk research that can give you insight and help you make key strategic decisions in a more objective and data-driven approach.


1) WHO: who are you going to sell? What are they like? What market segments should you choose?


2) WHAT: what are you going to sell? What are the consumer needs (pains)? What are the scenarios do they use your product? What are your offerings for the product/market fit?


3) HOW: how are your competitors doing in the market? how can you reach your target market? What factors influence buying in terms of product, price, place and promotion?


Table of Content


1) Methodologies

  • Explanation of research theories of GTM strategies


2) Beauty device market overview

  • 2014-2019 beauty device market size
  • Beauty device category GMV in Tmall/Taobao
  • Overview of overseas brands to China
  • Market shares of beauty device brands
  • Price range of beauty devices
  • Target consumer of beauty devices


3) Competitive analysis 

  • Ya-man's search and social media consumer profiles
  • 3 Major market segments for beauty devices


4) Consumer needs and product offerings

  • Consumer preference for country of origins
  • Personal uses vs gifts
  • Consumer facial problems and pains of potential users vs buyers
  • Top 10 list of consumer needs for beauty devices
  • Product/market fit and market segmentation


5) Critical factors of decision marketing for GTM strategies

  • Importance of branding vs pricing
  • 2-year historical price tracking for Ya-man hero products
  • Dr Arrivo vs Ya-man's pricing strategies
  • Product features, prices and sales comparison of Ya-man and Dr. Arrivo
  • Key findings for product and pricing strategies 
  • Importance of online vs offline channels for beauty devices
  • Channel strategies of Ya-man in China
  • Key findings for channel strategies 
  • Promotion strategies of Ya-man and other device brands in China
  • Key findings for promotion strategies


Chinese Version/中文版本:《点击》


Beauty Device China Market Entry Strategic Report

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