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Since the launch of mini-programs by Wechat, more and more players are entering the market.  Now, there are over 1 million WeChat mini-programs with 200 million daily active users (DAU).  MPs become a very important battlefield for brands in China and marketers should know about how to use it properly.


Not familiar with WeChat mini-programs?  We will give you two decks and one spreadsheet that help you understand MPs.


  • Deck 1: WeChat Mini-Programs: You Don’t Need an App for China (or do you?)
  • Deck 2: Analytics for WeChat Mini-Programs
  • Spreadsheet: Tagging plan spreadsheet template


Deck 1: WeChat Mini-Programs: You Don’t Need an App for China (or do you?)

No of pages: 43


Highlights of the deck:

  • WeChat mini-programs overview and what are they?
  • Where mini-programs excel? 3 use cases
  • O2O contextual interactions
  • Complete replacement of long tail applications
  • Complement/entry point to “heavy applications”
  • Cases: Qunar, McDonald’s, Xiaomi Home, Meitu
  • Mini-programs’ limitations to consider
  • Mini-programs: a traffic dead end?
  • Design best practices
  • Map of WeChat Mini-program ecosystem
  • Alibaba, Baidu, Toutiao are jumping on the MP train
  • Key takeaways 


Deck 2: Analytics for WeChat Mini-Program

No of pages: 54


Highlights of the deck:

  • Introduction to WeChat mini-programs
  • Overall mini-program strategy
  • 1 main central hub or many focused mini-programs?
  • Map of main mini-program entry points
  • Mini-program performance tracking
  • Examples: KFC, SJGrand Calculator
  • How to build your mini-program performance tracking dashboards
  • Tagging plan: principles and implementation
  • Can we still use Google Analytics to track WeChat mini-programs?
  • Mini-program analytics ecosystem
  • Comparison of 11 mini-program analytics tools
  • Comparison of 5 major solutions: mobile tencent analytics, talkingdata, baidu tongji mobile, aladdin, and hotapp. 


File 3 Spreadsheet: Tagging plan spreadsheet template


Edition: 2019

Version: English



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Understanding WeChat Mini-Programs in China (97 pages, English)

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